Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny Things

Eric had developed a funny personality along with the typical toddler attitude. He wakes up every morning and starts jumping in his crib. He has a nice mattress so he gets some good height. He has also learned how to say "hey me" and "hey Mommy". He has a whole list of words and knows how to operate the DVD player, the ipod and what the web cam is. He pretends to talk to daddy on his little play computer and on his play phone. The conversation goes something like this.

Eric: Hi Daddy! Babble babble babble. Love you! Bye!

I wish I knew what he was saying and that he would tell me he loves me! I take care of him 24/7 and what do I get... well, I guess I can't complain because I get cute baby kisses and sweet baby hugs. He knows how to do all of the parts of the bus on wheels on the bus. He can make the motions for Popcorn Popping and can sing parts of Bad to the Bone. I think that is his favorite. We make it fun and silly! We are working on I'm a Little Teapot. He is obsessed with Elmo and Blue's Clues and he also loves Veggie Tales. He loves to play outside and run around. He also does some of the funniest things like putting everything in the bathtub or the trashcan when I am not looking. He loves to climb in his cabinet and play "Where's the baby?" He always responds "There he is!". I just wanted to let you know how he doing and let you in our life a little. My next goal is to teach him how to change the channels, make toast and get his own milk. Maybe then I can sleep in once in a while.


Alyeic said...

I knew I should have sent him a veggie tales dvd!!! Maybe next time. Eric is so cute, I love your stories!

kimberly said...

He's so cute! I enjoy reading your blog :)