Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Birthday (Sorry it is so long)

I celebrated my 25th birthday this year on October 25. Sadly Elmer was not here to celebrate with me. I did recieve some wonderful surprises! On the Thursday before my birthday he sent me roses. On my actual birthday some super friends took me out to dinner at an amazing German restaurant. The dinner I had must have had enough calories to kill me but it would have been worth it. NOTE: IF YOU ARE COUNTING POINTS OR ON ANY FAD DIET STOP READING NOW!!! For dinner I had one of the specials... it is a slice of deep fried bread covered in gravy then they put a sliced beef steak marinated in something out of this world and they cover it in a holindase sauce that is to die for. If that isn't bad enough they serve it with a huge platter of fries and veggies. Needless to say I ate lite for the next few days. It is one of my favorite meals. Since mail is slow over here (people get Christmas cards in April) I didn't recieve my birthday box until Monday. I was so excited and a little nervous. As much as I love him, Elmer makes me nervous when he picks out gifts. For my first birthday after we were married I got a pair of boat shoes and Crazy Bunny. For those of you who don't know the story let me inform you... Elmer got me a plastic rabbit statue that had bugged out eyes. Even to this day he still can't explain why he got it for me. Since we had only been married a couple of months I didn't want to hurt his feeling so I did what any wife would do... I put Crazy Bunny in the bathroom. I didn't want to put it out where other people could see it and honestly it kinda creeped me out. After Elmer did his business he came out and handed it to me, at first I thought that I had hurt his feelings but he handed me Crazy Bunny and asked that I find a different place for him since it creeped him out and he couldn't use the bathroom with it in there staring at him. This year was different. After almost 9 years together and 5 years of marriage Elmer got it right. He got me an alarm clock that allows me to plug in and play my ipod! He also got me a Twilight calendar, the Twilight soundtrack, a Dilbert desk calendar and some candy. Even though he wasn't here I still felt special. I just want to thank all of you for helping me through one of the tough days.

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