Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok so I am really cheap. Every year the commissary brings out pumpkins way too early for Halloween and they over price them. I found that the longer I wait the cheeper they get. Last year I waited until the 25th until I went to get them and they were 6 cents a pound instead of 30. This year I couldn't wait that long so when I had some mommy time I went an picked a few out. The price was good and they were well worth it. Eric wasn't too sure at first and didn't want to color on his little one. Once I got the top off of the big one he was facinated with it. He learned the word 'ewww" a long time ago so the whole time that is all he said. he actually stuck his hand in and touched the gooey stuff inside. I gave him the top while I gutted out the inside and he tried to eat it seeds and all. Luckily he didn't like the taste so that made fishing the seeds out of his mouth a little easier. Daddy got to watch the whole thing via the web. I love technology and the fact that even though daddy is miles away we still get to see him and he gets to share our special moments with us. I decorated my pumpkin with stars. Getting a little fancy in my old age...

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