Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twilight addiction!

For those of you who don't know there is a series our by a lady in the church called the Twilight series. Elmer and I love it! At first he couldn't understand my obsession and hated it when I dragged him to the release party for Breaking Dawn. I read the other three books in the series in a matter of 2 weeks and fortunately we were in the states when the book dropped so we went to Barnes and Nobel. He started reading it before he left and got hooked. I have even had to send some of our copies downrange for his soldiers to read. I read it for the romance and he read it because vampires got into fights and ripped each other apart. Go figure! I was watching Eric play the other day and I looked over and he was reading something. He loves to "read". He even makes up words in his own language to go along with the pictures. Anyways, I went to see what book it was and sure enough it was Breaking Dawn (the last book in the series). The funny part, was that he carted it around with him for a while and every now and then he would stop to read a few more pages. I realized that my obsession was rubbing off on him. I have all the books, a tee shirt, the calendar is on its way, the soundtrack should be shipped on the 4th of November and a whole bunch of the ladies in our ward are getting together for a Twilight movie night as soon as it comes out. I hope that eventually I will find some other series to get into but for now I am a shamless Twilighter and not afraid to admit it! Enjoy!

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Alyeic said...

This is too funny! I hear so many good things about the Twilight series, I really need to read them!