Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey ladies! Introducing the cutest firefighter ever!

For fire prevention week the Air Force brought out Smokey the Bear and each child got a firehat and a football. Eric screamed when I took his football away to put his jacket back on him after leaving the store. He carried it around the rest of the day. He has a little firetruck rideon that he wheels around here all the time. It is nice until he tries to run me over and then it is a game of outsmart the baby. He loved the hat too. He even tried it on me which brings up to the expression in the third picture. Either he is disappointed that he didn't make the firefighter calendar or he is embarassed of his Mommy. I will laugh years from now if he actually becomes a firefighter. I will laugh and then spend the rest of my life worrying about him. I love being a mom!

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Alyeic said...

So adorable! Kids have such a fascination with firetrucks! Rexford begs to see them all the time!