Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two things to be happy about this morning!

Well, it is 7:30am my time which means that all of my friends in the states are sleeping as we start our day. Eric has been really sick the last two days and I got very little sleep last night. I woke up this morning (for the 50th time) to a child with a normal temperature and a normal appetite. I went online to check my mail and saw that the results are in... OBAMA WINS!!! I don't usually let my political views be known but I did vote for Obama. In all honesty, we can all find fault with someone and I know that some of you are dead set against him but from my point of view and in my situation we definitely need a change. I am happy to say that I lived to see the day where we looked past race and saw the bigger picture. Well, I have to go and chase after Eric. He knows that I am dragging and can use that to his advantage. I should also probably start cleaning up a little since when he gets sick everthing else goes and the house is a mess. It is going to be a SUPER FUN day. I just hope no telemarketers call me or they may regret it.

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