Friday, November 14, 2008

Patches aka "No No" the Horse

I tried to get my Christmas shopping done early this year. Since I don't have help and have 2 flights of stairs to go up I put Eric's Christmas on lay a way. Over here if you see something and don't buy it, it won't be there when you go back to get it... even the next day. I found little Patches the rocking horse and thought how wonderful it would be for Eric. The best part was that the box was light and I could carry it and Eric up the stairs, so I bought it. While I was packing I decided that Patches came in a nice lightweight sturdy box that I could use to pack clothes and shoes in to ship. What I didn't expect was for Patches to come with thirty something stickers. I began putting them on being careful to make sure that everything was in the right place. Eric loves stickers! He tried to pull them off as I put them on and I said "no no" Now Eric understands what No means and he can even point to the things he isn't supposed to touch. I finished Patches and I felt proud that he actually looked like a horse. I gave him to Eric and he walked up to him, pointed to him and said "NO NO" and walked away. It took me an hour or more to convince him that he could ride his horse and that he wouldn't get in trouble. He kept giving me this look like "Lady, I know it is a trick! You just want a reason to put me in time out so you can get a break! I am not stupid! You can keep the horse!" Needless to say I learned yet another important parenting lesson. Put stuff together after the baby is in bed. As of today (2 days later) everytime he gets on Patches he looks at me just to make sure it is ok.

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