Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a ghost, it's a bride...It's Super Baby!

This is one of Eric's favorite things to do. He takes one of his crib sheets (soon to be a toddler bed) and he puts it on his head or he puts it on like a cape and goes all over the house pretending. He goes back and forth between acting like a ghost, super baby and sometimes the way he walks he acts like he is getting married at the Ritz. When he plays a ghost it is too funny. I think he scares himself sometimes. I love watching him run around the house yelling "Da Da Da DAAAAAAA" That is our Superbaby theme song. Not very elaborate but it works. Maybe one day he will make enough to get a professional to compose a cool theme song for him but by that time he will be an adult and sadly out of the super hero phase (I hope so anyway).

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