Thursday, April 30, 2009


Easter morning was interesting. I was tired and not ready to deal with all of the Easter excitement at 7am but apparently Eric was. He walked out and was so surprised to find a basket full of goodies and a new train set. The Easter Bunny forgot to open it and Senor Swanky Pants wanted to play with it right away. Dumb Bunny! Anyways, the morning egg hunt was too much fun!!! The eggs were hidden in obvious places but Eric only wanted to play with his train. I finally convinced him to go get them and bring them to me. Some of the eggs contained money for Bobby (his piggy bank) and the others had these Gerber preschool juice treats in them. Eric loves them! He walked up and shook an egg. The money fell out of it and since it wasn't candy he left it. He shook another egg and realized it was money and just brought it to me. It didn't take him long to determine what sound the juicy treats made versus the money. After the eggs were found he then began shaking all of the toys in his toy box to make sure that he didn't miss any treats. We got ready for church and he had a melt down so this is the only picture of him I could get.

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