Thursday, April 30, 2009

Egg hunt

Pulaski Park on base threw a huge Easter egg hunt this year and we decided to go. We were almost late due to traffic but it was ok. Eric had his basket, I had my camera and I managed not to forget anything. They made an announcement "Parents please let you CHILDREN pick up the eggs" We got in line and they said go. By the time we got through the little gate into his age group area, all the eggs were gone. There were parents carting around two year olds who by this point are crying because mom and dad promised eggs and there were none left. Apparently the plea to allow children to pick up their own eggs fell on deaf ears. Well lo and behold a man with a large box of eggs came around our area dropping them on the ground. Someone should have video taped the whole thing because they could have made a fortune. There are at least 100 kids in just the 2 year old category plus their parents and nothing and I mean nothing brings out the competitive side of a parent like an Easter egg hunt. I have never seen parents scramble to get their kids a plastic egg like that. You would have thought that the egg had keys to a new car in it. It was pretty funny. Yes, I was one of those parents who ran to the egg man because we originally didn't get one egg. It was so sad. Eric actually picked up a total of three and I was disappointed in the candy. What kid likes Lifesavers mints? No kid I know. I went out and bought Eric a treat for being so good and for not acting embarassed of his mother who did all she could to get him his eggs. Next year he is on his own!

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