Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colorado Baby!

That's right we are moving!!! Ok so it isn't until Spring 2010 but at least we know where we are going. Elmer re-enlisted on Friday and he had his choice of bases and a killer bonus. We tried for NC but they were not available. We then tried for Fort Carson, Colorado. It was taking a while and Elmer didn't want to lose his bonus so he was just going to re-enlist with the bonus and let the Army send us where ever. On Friday only hours before the ceremony he was informed that we had gotten Fort Carson! We are so excited! We have lived in Germany for 4 years now and it will be 5 by the time we leave. We have enjoyed it but we are ready to get back to Barnes and Nobel, Walmart, Target and of course family and friends. We are also looking forward to learning to ski and snowboard! We are really looking forward to our next adventure!


Alyeic said...

Yay!!!!!! I am so excited that you will be back in the states next year! I thought it would be a little sooner but it's still wonderful news:) I'll have to bring Matthew and my snowboard out for a little fun! This is the best news I've heard all day.

Dodie and Elmer said...

The sad thing is... Matthew could probably out snowboard Elmer and me. Bring a video camera you will probably be able to make a fortune off the video. We are excited and I can't wait to see you guys again especially little Matthew!

Ursic Family said...

Congrats! Glad to hear you'll be back over here. Eric is so cute :)