Monday, July 6, 2009



It is that time again when I update what is going on in our lives. We are counting down the days until Daddy comes home. We are both tired of living without him. It seems like the days are longer and the months too. Eric is growing so fast. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Elmo, Blues Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House. He also loves Diego. Seriously he doesn't get to watch a lot of tv. I promise! He loves to play pretend and go to the park. He constantly asks me if we can go to the slide. He also loves to chase butterflies. He says "Bye" to every gate gard and loves to stop and pet dogs. He is speaking very clearly now and has picked up on several funny sayings including "Oh man!" and "That's Cool". He has four stuffed animals in his bed, two penguins, one bear and Daddy. Every time he gets up in the morning or from nap he has to give each one a hug and he has to give them to me to hug also. He is a wiz at his shape sorter, he is learning his colors he knows red, blue, yellow and green and he can count to ten while going down the stairs. He knows the names of most of the foods he eats and can even spot an elephant in his books and clothes. He loves his Blue's Clues book and his ABC picture book. He asks me to read Mama llama books all the time. They are his favorite. For thos of you wondering they are Llama Llama Mad at Mama, Llama Llama Misses Mama and Llama Llama Red Pajama. I recently got him on tape reading Slowly Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth. He just says "Slowly Slowly Slowly' as he turns the pages. It is really cute. He loves to pray at meals and sometimes we end up praying four or five times. He is an amazing little man and we couldn't imagine life without him. The pictures above are the before and after of his hair cut. What a difference!!!!

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Alyeic said...

Love the haircut! Eric is a cutie!