Monday, July 6, 2009

Bubble Boy

Eric loves to wash his hands because of the bubbles. I decided that it was time to introduce him to the bubble bath. I bought some of my old friend Mr. Bubbles and loaded up the tub. He just stared at me and then back at the tub for a while before he decided that it was safe to get in. He had a blast! I showed him how to put bubbles on his head and chin and he thought it was funny. Now every time he takes a bath there has to be bubbles in it. I don't mind since Mr. Bubbles is safe for sensitive skin. It is now hypo-allergenic. When I was a kid Mr. Bubbles could have contained high amounts of lead and asbestos and our parents wouldn't have cared and neither would we. I love how things change and how safe most of the stuf is now. Though I am sure that some where in the future they will come out with research that Mr. Bubbles causes you to grow a third eye or something crazy like that. For now we are just enjoying the simple things like bubble baths.

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