Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July!

Not liking our stroll in the heat

This year fireworks were done on the base across from base housing, since Ramstein is under construction. They asked all of the housing residents to walk due to limited parking. They have a foot bridge that connects the two bridges. Since we live on housing I figured that it wouldn't be that bad to walk. I know that the bridge has steps instead of ramps (stupid!) but I figured that I would just wing it and take the big stroller. I didn't realize that there was a huge hill/mountain on the other side of that bridge that I would have to climb to get to the festivities. Let's just say that it is uphill both ways! I wore comfortable shoes but one broke when I was playing with Eric waiting for fireworks and so I now have a huge blister from my 30 min walk home. Thanks to all of the people who helped. Thanks to all of the guys who carried Eric across the bridge for me both times and my friend Connie for her help too. Thanks to the older gentleman in line with me waiting for food. Eric choked on an apple and ended up getting sick so I had to take care of that and he offered to get my food for me and was really helpful. Thanks! Thanks to the gentleman who helped me get my stroller up the curb when it got stuck and I had stuff in my hands. Also thanks to those who have served and are now serving our country. Thanks goes to Eric for always making my day better and for being my buddy in all of this. A special thanks goes out to my amazing husband. I can't thank you enough for serving and for the sacrifices you make. I am so grateful for you and I wish so much you could be here with us. I know it is soon but still I miss you! I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth and once Eric decided that the fireworks were not going to hurt him, he acutally enjoyed them.

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