Friday, March 6, 2009

Made it!

We are home! We made it back to Germany on Feb. 24th but we have been sick so I haven't had a chance to post. Eric got sick the night before we left so I went 48 hours with no sleep. He was really good on the plane but proceeded to throw up once a day for the next few days which resulted in a trip to the doctor. He was his normal usual self and the doctor reassured me that he would be fine. Needless to say the virus made its rounds. My mom and Ashley came back with me and so far my mom has avoided the plague.

We had a good trip (pictures to come). One of the highlights was seeing my best friend Alyson who is expecting her first baby this summer! We had some girl time which was great. She took us to Sea world where Eric could see his new obsession Happy Feet! On the day after Thanksgiving I went shopping. I love Black Friday! I bought the DVD of Happy Feet. I thought Eric would like it, I didn't know he would love it! We watch it every night. He goes around dancing and singing. He loves to get up and dance during the movie and when we dont' watch it for a few days he walks around asking "Mumble okay?" He has several stuffed penguins and can pick out a Happy Deet from a good distance.

While we were home I got to see my sisters in Tampa and their families which was nice. We also got to eat a various restaurants including Chick Fil A which quickly became Eric's favorite. We have Taco Bell, Charlies Subs, Subway, Burger King, McDonald's and Popeyes over here so something new like Chick Fil A is a big deal. We also loved going to Walmart, Barnes and Nobel and Babies R Us. Eric loved Barnes and Nobel the most since there is a train in there he could play with. We went to Lake Eola a few times and he loved going to nursery on Sunday.

We enjoyed our time home but it is nice to be back!

I promise to post pictures of our trip soon!

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Alyeic said...

Aww, it was so great to see you too! I miss you already but I know you are happy to be back:) And thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, you're the best! I can't wait to use all our new baby things!