Friday, March 6, 2009


I remember one of the many times (ok not so many he was a really good baby) that I wished Eric could talk and just tell me what he wants. Well, I am not so sure I feel that way anymore. Just kidding! He has grown so much and so quickly too. He has some pretty funny phrases he loves to use like "no no no, that's not nice" He used this one on me when I was wiping his bottom one day. Apparently he wants us to invest in a wipe warmer. I bought home a Happy Meal for him one day and he got all excited and yelled "I see Yi Yi's" (french fries aka his favorite food). His speech is so clear and he is learning new words everyday. He has hit that independent stage that comes with being almost 2 and he loves to say "I do it!" He loves life and playing at the park. He loves animals, especially dogs, cats and penguins which he calls Happy Deets. He loves to hide in his tent and get out the Monopoly money. Apparently he is now paying me for my mommy services. He only gives me fives! He loves putting (real) money in his piggy bank since it plays music. He loves singing Popcorn Popping and his Pizza Jesus song. These are his two favorite words and he made up his own song for them. He is a little ham! One thing that he loves the most is talking to daddy. He talks to Elmer everyday on the phone and gets to see him on the webcam. When I do something he doesn't like he goes over to the computer and talks to daddy (we have his picture up there as a backround) and tells him all about it. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for us especially with him. We love him so much!

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Alyeic said...

Eric is such a cutie! One day he will like me...I just have to spend more time with him:)