Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Self portrait


Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me?

While Elmer was here on R&R we went to Trier. We have been there before but it is just such a nice change of pace. Eric had fun! He got ice cream and Yi Yi's at McDonalds and he got out for a stroll and he got goodies. There are tons of ice cream stands around and he yelled Ice Cream! at all of them. When we went into Dom St. Peter they have candles you can light. You are supposed to be reverent since it is a church. Eric associates candles with birthdays so he began so sing Happy Day To Do at the top of his lungs :) Too funny! We finally found a little mall (WOW!!!) and he got some there. You have to understand that we have lived here for 4 + years and have yet to see an actual mall. It was a huge deal for us! We had so much fun just spending time with Daddy!

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