Friday, June 19, 2009

Ok...Daddy needs to come home soon

It was laundry day in the Arguelles household and Eric decided to help. After dumping all of the clean clothes out of the basket he found what he was in the mood to wear that day. It happened to be one of my shirts that looked like a dress on him. He looks good in pink! He refused to take if off and wore it for a few hours. He also made his way into our room to help put the clothes away and spotted yet another great heels. I do have to say that they make his legs look shapely and fantastic! He loves to play with my jewelry, he loves helping me put on makeup, he knows what the blowdryer does and he is in love with the curling iron. The only thing that gives me hope is that he still does gross little boy stuff like eat dirt and pick his nose. I can't wait for Elmer to come back and show him how to do man stuff. Until then I will just have fun taking pictures that I can black mail him with later.

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ELMER said...

Yes I do. Poor Baby Eric. He has no leverage in the future. He he he. I love you guys and cant wait to be with soon.