Monday, May 11, 2009

I love Technology

I love Technology!
Not as much as you
you see.
Still I love technology
Always and Forever

-Napoleon Dynamite (an awesome movie)

These pictures just reminded me of one of my favorite movies. Eric loves my Ipod Steve. Elmer chose his name. I got to name the GPS. I named her Lola (for explanation watch RV with Robin Williams). I figure it if talks to me it should have a name. It is easier to yell "Lola, I can't make an illegal U turn because I am in the middle of the Autobahn" instead of "Global Positioning system, please stop yellng at me to make a U turn". Lola just sounds better. Anyways, Eric loves listening to Steve. We downlaoded the Happy Feet soundtrack and the movie for him. It is amazing but he can actually work the thing and can figure out things I can't. Smarty pants! Hey, Happy Feet kept him occupied long enough for him to get a hair cut without any major mishaps. I love technology!

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Alyeic said...

Sooo funny! When Todd and I read the title of this post Todd started singing the song from Napoleon Dynamite. Then we read your post and were cracking up:) Fun stuff!