Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Party, Happy Feet Style

For Eric's 2nd Birthday we did a Happy Feet theme. We decorated the night before and when he came out he was so excited! It was 7am and I was so tired still. Elmer changed his (Eric's) diaper (tee hee hee) and let him loose. I was hoping to get his reaction on film. I was just getting out of bed when Eric pushed open the door and said "Wow! Look at dat! Happy Deet! Mumble!!! Wow!" It was well worth it. We had tons of balloons which he loved! We also had great food. The Gordon's came to celebrate with us and we had a great time playing with Eric's presents. He really enjoyed his cupcake but he refused to sing Happy Birthday. Usually whenever I light a candle he starts singing "Happy Day To Do" at the top of his lungs. He is so funny! I am so glad that he had a great time. After all of that partying we put him down for a nap and then put his train table together. He woke up to an amazing surprise! He loved it! All in all it was great!


Alyeic said...

Look how awesome you guys are! Sounds like Eric had a great birthday!

Smith Family said...

I'm glad it turned out well. Even better that Elmer was able to be home for the celebration. Hang in there!