Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Ok so Eric's birthday was two months ago but I couldn't let the occasion pass without posting something about it. We went back to Orlando for vacation and did Eric's birthday in two parts. We went to Disney on his actual birthday and then on that Saturday we had a famiy party at McDonalds. Eric got to meet Buzz Lightyear which at his age is like meeting the President or the Pope. He loved the Buzz Lightyear ride and loved playing at the fountain in Epcot. He loves McDonald's so this year his party was great! He danced with Grimace and had a blast playing in the game area. He got tons of presents which mostly were Toy Story related. He loved opening his gifts. We are so grateful for him and for all of wonderful joy he brings to our lives. He is an amazing and smart little boy who is super curious and very loving. We can't wait to see what our third year brings :)

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